Kootenay National Park - British Columbia, Canada
Mount Ball to Beatrice Peak - Kootenay National Park

Mount Ball to Beatrice Peak


Mount Ball is another one of my favorites!! Camping at alpine meadow made this trip even more enjoyable. Ignore all the horrifying stories of bushwhacking and pack your backpack to Ball!
Floe Lake - Kootenay National Park

Floe Lake


One place I wanted to see for a long time, the Rockwall in Kootenay. I chose to take Floe Lake trail. Sure it was quiet this time around, no skiers or no hikers. It was all mine.
GR576724 Attempt - Kootenay National Park

GR576724 Attempt


I was looking for a great view and decided to attempt GR576724. I guessed route by looking at topo map and it would have worked only if it was dry condition…
Mount Haffner - Kootenay National Park

Mount Haffner


Nice to be back standing on top of a summit which was higher than treeline. Mount Hanffer offered me great views.
Isabelle Peak - Kootenay National Park

Isabelle Peak


Weather was supposed to be far nicer but it turned out to be a cold day in August. Nonetheless we had fun and successful ascent to Isabelle Peak.
Kindersley Peaks - Kootenay National Park

Kindersley Peaks


The start of the may long weekend, I decided to invade into BC. So I started with "Kindersley Peaks" in Kootenay National Park.
Ochre Spring Peak - Kootenay National Park

Ochre Spring Peak


Return to GR576724 with a different route. This time I made it to the summit without a problem. I nicknamed this unnamed peak, "Ochre Spring Peak".
Ski at Kootenay Burn - Kootenay National Park

Ski at Kootenay Burn


Joined ACC ski event coordinated by Benben. We went skiing between trees at Kootenay Burn which is a Vermillion Peak's slope.
Stanley Glacier - Kootenay National Park

Stanley Glacier


First time in Kootenay National Park and decided to see Stanly Glacier. A short hike and good for snowshoeing.
Stanley Peak - Kootenay National Park

Stanley Peak


The last peak of 3 peaks weekend. We summited Stanley Peak with a different route (moderate route) from Kane's description.
Vermilion Peak - Kootenay National Park

Vermilion Peak


Vermilion Peak in Kootenay National Park. I have been thinking of doing this peak for a while, I finally got people to do this together.