Jasper National Park - Alberta, Canada
Mount Athabasca - Jasper National Park

Mount Athabasca


Every time I came to Columbia Icefield, I always said it to myself, someday. Finally I have done Mount Athabasca. Such a good looking peak.
Boundary Peak - Jasper National Park

Boundary Peak


Long drive to Columbia Icefiled for Boundary Peak and little more. Having Mount Athabasca right beside all day long offered a great hike!
Brazeau Icefield High Camp - Jasper National Park

Brazeau Icefield High Camp


The first day of 4 day backpacking trip to Brazeau Icefield. We had to go up a steep rubble slope with heavy pack to our high camp…
Brazeau to Valad  to Henry Macleod - Jasper National Park

Brazeau to Valad to Henry Macleod


Three peaks traverse from Mount Brazeau to Valad Peak to Mount Henry Macleod on the thrid day of backpacking trip on Sept long weekend.
Cinquefoil Mountain - Jasper National Park

Cinquefoil Mountain


After completing Pyramid Mountain, we hasted to Cinquefoil, "the long, lazy ridge" for the 2nd peak of the day.
Columbia Icefield - Jasper National Park

Columbia Icefield


It would have been my one of highlights in this business if I could have successfully summit Mount Columbia, but it didn't happen this time.
Crevasse Rescue Course at Athabasca Glacier - Jasper National Park

Crevasse Rescue Course at Athabasca Glacier


Glacier travel and crevasse rescue course which I really wanted to take. Now if someone falls into a crevasse, I have a choice to rescue the person or cut the rope.
Diadem Peak - Jasper National Park

Diadem Peak


With CSMC, I attempted Mount Woolley and Diadem Peak. Couldn't get to Woolley but I still had lots of fun. It was beautiful.
Mount Edith Cavell - Jasper National Park

Mount Edith Cavell


You may not know Edith Cavell by the peak name but this is a famous spot in the Rockies where Angel Glacier is.
Nigel Peak - Jasper National Park

Nigel Peak


The last day of 4 day peak begging road trip. View from Nigel Peak was definitely awesome! I highly recommended.
Parker Ridge West Peak - Jasper National Park

Parker Ridge West Peak


After Boundary Peak, I still had enough time to do another one, so I picked Parker's Ridge. I did't get to the true highpoint of this peak though.
Pyramid Mountain - Jasper National Park

Pyramid Mountain


My first time scrambling in Jasper. This trip was Vern Dewit's ambitious plan, Pyramid Mountain & Cinquefoil Mountain in the same day trip.
Tangle Ridge - Jasper National Park

Tangle Ridge


Expanding my territory to Jasper National Park. Hiking on Tangle Ridge near Columbia Icefield was a blast.
Utopia Mountain - Jasper National Park

Utopia Mountain


One mountain I wanted to do just because I think the name Utopia Mountain is so cool. This ends the Jasper 3 peaks in 2 day trip.
Mount Warren - Jasper National Park

Mount Warren


The best peak among the 4 peaks we summit in this weekend at Brazeau Icefield. This "Is it really 11,000er?" peak was everyone's favorite.
Wilcox Pass - Jasper National Park

Wilcox Pass


The first day of two day over night trip. We went Wilcox Pass to enjoy the Canadian Rockies' 11000 footers at Columbia Icefield.
Woolley's Moraine - Jasper National Park

Woolley's Moraine


Took advantage of free time in evening. I decided to go for another hike before sunset from Woolley-Diadem bivy site.