Banff National Park - Alberta, Canada
Banff National Park - Banff National Park

Banff National Park


My roommate Kyle took two Asian roomies to Banff. It wasn't the best time to go, but still was worth trip.
Mount Bell - Banff National Park

Mount Bell


Alpine Climbing at NE ridge of Mount Bell. It was a long long day that I can say "It was full use of a day". Nice!!
Bryant Creek Shelter - Banff National Park

Bryant Creek Shelter


Kevin, Trace, and I tired cross-country ski to a shelter near Mount Assiniboine.
East Ridge of Panorama Ridge - Banff National Park

East Ridge of Panorama Ridge


Return to Panorama Ridge but this time it's east ridge. Under cold near -30, we still went for it and yup beautiful sunlight and blue sky made this so enjoyable.
Helena Ridge to Stuart Knob - Banff National Park

Helena Ridge to Stuart Knob


View became superb after the never-ending approach trail. Seeing this uniquely shaped range and peaks around Castle should be in "must list".
Massive Mountain - Banff National Park

Massive Mountain


Who doesn't want to summit the peak called "Massive Mountain"? It sounds very massive and hardcore!
Rockbound Lake - Banff National Park

Rockbound Lake


One of the most uniquely shaped mountains in Banff, Castle Mountain. I decided to go there to see a lake surrounded by wall of rock.
Storm Mountain (Banff) - Banff National Park

Storm Mountain (Banff)


Late start + dead falls + slog up rubble + snow + high peak = evening scrambling at Storm Mountain in Banff. It's fun to do evening hike every once in a while.
Storm Mountain North Ridge - Banff National Park

Storm Mountain North Ridge


I stormed to Storm Mountain North Ridge… Fine I am sorry, but least you get my trip report for free. Another peak done.