Canmore - Alberta, Canada
Mount Charles Stewart South Peak - Canmore

Mount Charles Stewart South Peak


Oh how much I enjoy seeing Canmore from summits… Despite it's only a sub peak of Mount Charles Stewart, length of the trip was a full trip.
Climbing at Grassi Lakes - Canmore

Climbing at Grassi Lakes


First time in 14 years, I went outdoor climbing. My buddy Shaun taught me a lot of climbing stuff I needed to learn. And I only died once!!
Door Jamb Mountain to Loder Peak to Unnamed - Canmore

Door Jamb Mountain to Loder Peak to Unnamed


Door Jamb Mountain to Loder Peak to unnamed to Jura Creek. I feel we covered a bit for a hike. I was quite amazed by not mountains but by clouds.
East End of Mount Rundle - Canmore

East End of Mount Rundle


Another popular hike in Canmore area, the East end of Rundle. Short but worth to get up there to see the view.
Gap Peak to Mount Fable - Canmore

Gap Peak to Mount Fable


A long ridge traverse from Gap Peak to Mount Fable in near Canmore. It didn't take as long as I thought it would. It was great warm day for October.
Goat Mountain - Canmore

Goat Mountain


Goat Traverse from Door Jamb to Yamnuska. It's not a long route but did took us 10 hours. I guess difficulty adds more time.
Grassi Lakes - Canmore

Grassi Lakes


We still had time after Little Lougheed hike, and we decided to go to Grassi Lakes to take advantage of nice weather instead of heading home.
Grotto Creek - Canmore

Grotto Creek


Two years ago I climbed Grotto, this time I went to Grotto creek to have some fun. My original plan was to ride bike as far as I can then switch to hike and climb up a mountain.
Grotto Mountain - Canmore

Grotto Mountain


I gotta go to Grotto… I'm 29 years old and I am losing my sense of hummer. What's next? Losing hair? No more erection?
Ha Ling Peak - Canmore

Ha Ling Peak


Short hike to Ha Ling Peak. My objective here was to beat every one on the trail. I don't mean throwing fist.
Ha Ling Peak to Miners Peak - Canmore

Ha Ling Peak to Miners Peak


I went to Ha Ling Peak to Miners Peak solo trip. There is a big difference between summer and winter. I enjoyed the different view of the same mountain.
Heart Mountain Circuit - Canmore

Heart Mountain Circuit


A popular mountain near Canmore. It's easy and quick yet I enjoyed scramble and ridge walking.
Heart Mountain to Twin Towers - Canmore

Heart Mountain to Twin Towers


Despite of false information about difficulty of Twin Towers, I managed to crack this bad boy. Actually because it was difficult, I enjoyed more.
Kid Goat - Canmore

Kid Goat


Shaun is my teacher for rock climbing. He taught me how to indoor climb, sport climb, traditional climb, then this time muliti-pitch climbing.
Mount Lady Macdonald Attempt - Canmore

Mount Lady Macdonald Attempt


Mount Lady Macdonald, but this lady is wild and mean. The is one of many mountains which is rated difficult in Kane's scramble book.
Mount Lady Macdonald - Canmore

Mount Lady Macdonald


Back to the Lady!! For the second try, this time there was no snow, the ridge was clear and ready for me.
Mount Lawrence Grassi - Canmore

Mount Lawrence Grassi


It was the day to summit Mount Lawrence Grassi which isn't too attractive for me. Use a cloudy day and didn't have to crave for the view of Canmore was a perfectly calculated trip plan.
Middle Sister - Canmore

Middle Sister


Trace, Kevin and I hiked Middle sister, the one of the famous Three Sisters in Canmore.
Mix of Keelhaul Wall & Gray Waves - Canmore

Mix of Keelhaul Wall & Gray Waves


Another climbing with Shaun. What's waiting for us this time? How about not be able to find the climbing route we wanted to do?
Pigeon Mountain - Canmore

Pigeon Mountain


I decided to hike Pigeon Mountain, one of mountains you see from HW 1 near Canmore. The view was far better than I imagined.
Squaw's Tit - Canmore

Squaw's Tit


We had to do Squaw's Tit just because the name is so politically incorrect. Had fun doing a lot of scramble though.
Wendell Mountain Attempt - Canmore

Wendell Mountain Attempt


We attemped to summit Wendell Mountain just north of Mount Yamnuska, but appearently no one knew what we were doing…
Wendell True & East Peak - Canmore

Wendell True & East Peak


Doing Wendell Mountain and East Peak of Wendell in the same day was a lot of everything. More unpleasant things than pleasant things…
Wind Ridge - Canmore

Wind Ridge


I took advantage of a half day hike at Wind Ridge near Canmore. Early morning clouds made the scenery very drastic. I had a good short hiking.
Mount Yamnuska 09 - Canmore

Mount Yamnuska 09


In order to save my hiking streak, I had to go hiking on a weekday since weekend's weather didn't look reliable. So we went to Mount Yamnuska for an evening hike.
Yamnuska Bluffs - Canmore

Yamnuska Bluffs


I went to Yamnuska Bluffs with CSMC for some outdoor rock climbing lesson since Shaun and Dan won't take me, bastards!!
Mount Yamnuska - Canmore

Mount Yamnuska


Went to Mount Yamnuska. Spring hiking is always fun because there is much snow to deal with.