Addicted To Gacha

World Boss Terion 2018-09-11

In order to get high score in transport, first you need to get as much points as possible from basic points.  To do that use mercs with vital runes, or take advantage of set effects which increases maximum HP.  Strategy wise, there are 2 groups, nothing-to-do group, and battlefront group.  In my formation, 2 to 7 are in nothing-to-do group.  They don't get attacked by the boss, so use mercs with highest HP, or DEF.  On the other hand, battlefront group is where it gets difficult.  #12, the front merc, has to take 2 hits from the boss, otherwise the boss will hit nothing-to-do group, and the score will drastically reduced.  Astrid or Brisa who has excellent self-healing would be good candidates for this position.  Other mercs in battlefront group are dedicated to helping #12 to survive by giving it healing, or barrier to reduce damage from DoT.  Also supporters who can increase AGI are good options since AGI can help reduce DoT attack duration.

  1. ★5 Melody+9
  2. ★5 Ymir+2
  3. ★6 Iris+9
  4. ★6 Gloria+1
  5. ★6 Rafina+9
  6. ★6 Granhildr+3
  7. ★6 Veronia+9
  8. ★6 Zenith+0
  9. ★6 Anais+9
  10. ★6 Eras+9
  11. ★6 John+9
  12. ★6 Astrid+6