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World Boss Ogdoad 2020-09-09

Point 1: Weakening DEF, and AGI. As well as stacking incoming DMG Boost. Ogdoad has stats weakening immunity, so normal incoming DMG boost or stats reduction skills do not work. So you have to use skills which have incoming DMG boost or stats reduction as secondary effect. For example, Noel's Burn has incoming DMG boost effect. For more mercs with such skills, please see here.

Point 2: Extend debuff duration by Endless Pain by Joseph, and Krull. With Ayan, it became so much eaiser to keep Ogdoad's AGI down, but still need to use Endless Pain to keep debuffs going at proper timing.

Memo:With Gunther+15 update, it's possible to reach max score. Also you can still get max score without one of Catherine, Wester, or Farrel. I have also posted formation without Celia, and without Seol Ah at the bottom.

  1. ★6 Celia+4 (Incoming DMG boost+65%, Stats-80%)
  2. ★6 Alicia+15 (Incoming DMG boost+65%, Stats-65%)
  3. ★6 Catherine+14 (Incoming DMG boost+60%)
  4. ★6 Wester+2 (Incoming DMG boost+75%)
  5. ★6 Charlotte+10 (Incoming DMG boost+35%x2)
  6. ★6 Ayan+15 (Incoming DMG boost+50%, AGI-75%)
  7. ★6 Joseph+9 (Endless Pain)
  8. ★6 Ridel+15 (Incoming DMG boost+35%)
  9. ★6 Farrel+10 (Incoming DMG boost+35%)
  10. ★6 Seol Ah+15
  11. ★6 Gunther+14
  12. ★6 Krull+9 (Endless Pain)

Without Celia

Without Seol Ah