Addicted To Gacha

World Boss Ogdoad 2019-11-16

Point 1: Weakening DEF, and AGI. As well as stacking incoming DMG Boost. Ogdoad has stats weakening immunity, so normal incoming DMG boost or stats reduction skills do not work. So you have to use skills which have incoming DMG boost or stats reduction as secondary effect. For example, Noel's Burn has incoming DMG boost effect. For more mercs with such skills, please see here.

Point 2: Extend debuff duration by Endless Pain by Joseph, and Krull. With Ayan, it became so much eaiser to keep Ogdoad's AGI down, but still need to use Endless Pain to keep debuffs going at proper timing.

Point 3: You can get higher score by using Michaela, however using half-fatal rune is recommended. Otherwise you will need a good luck to pull off a high score. On the other hand, with Mary+Helena, they can provide 78% crit%, so there is no need to use fatal runes. For Farrel and Ayan, you should use rage instead of assault. Damages from burn isn't important. Likewise I am using rage on Bellasier.

  1. ★6 Celia+3 (Incoming DMG boost+50%, Stats-80%)
  2. ★5 Maya+9 (Concentrated Fire, Stats-30%)
  3. ★6 Ayan+14 (AGI-75%, Incoming DMG boost+50%)
  4. ★6 Joseph+9 (Endless Pain)
  5. ★6 Wester+1 (Incoming DMG boost+50%)
  6. ★6 Ridel+15 (Incoming DMG boost+35%)
  7. ★6 Helena+10
  8. ★6 Farrel+9 (Incoming DMG boost+35%)
  9. ★5 Krull+9 (Endless Pain)
  10. ★6 Mary+10
  11. ★6 Kaoli+12
  12. ★6 Bellasier+9