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Useful ★5 Mercs at Low Skill Level

Merc Description
Dalvi+2 At +2, with normal buff, she can output 7k fixed damage. With more buff, over 11000 fix damage possible. When allowed, she can be used for killing Levia on Guild War.
Lecliss+0 Viable for Arena at +0. On defense, often she can sacrifice herself to protect allies from opponent's 1st attack. With good vital runes, it is possible to survive Velfern's attack. Also with vital runes, she is among the best for world boss Terion.
Zenith+0 When you know opponent's attack order or easy to guess it, she can be extremely useful for guild war.
Cecilia+0 She is a savior for Evil Castle21~25F. On guild war, sometimes win or lose can be determine by Cecilia taking one AoE attack.
Gloria+0 She can prevent all additional attacks from mercs without ATK Interference immunity. Grace cannot block Zakan's Taunt, but Gloria can.
Deomaron+0 Cannot be used for PvP, but he can be used here and there on PvE at ★5. With vital runes, he can be used for world boss transport, and with critial runes he can be used for world boss Ogdoad.
Arkan+0 With vital runes, he is the best for world boss Terion.
Ymir+0 Like Arkan, Ymir is among the best for world boss Terion.
Rafina+0 Like Arkan, she is among the best for world boss transport.
Lillian+3 With shield runes, her defense can be 100%. She is just ok for Arena at current META, but everywhere else her tanking ability is godlike.
Aie+0 Not exactly for Arena at this point, but at +0 she can output the same damage as at +10 ignoring damage from Monkey Morph which can be blocked by immunity anyway.
Eldora+0 Savior for world boss Arcstar.
Sabrina+0 Must have for world boss Zaraton.