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World Boss Gorgona 2020-05-14

Point 1:The most important point is Scarlet. Her curse can shrink AoE to 1 tile. This means only 1 merc will be attacked. Point 2:If you have Albion then I suggest vitalx2 Granhildr or Kaoli are the best merc to take hit. If you don't have Albion, then make sure no taunt is in effect when boss a...

World Boss Gorgona 2020-03-23

Point 1:Like Zaraton, when battle finishes, everyone under Sabrina's support should heal up completely. Point 2:Mercs who are not under effect of Albion's skill, their AGI should be near 100%, and DEF should be near 35% in order to survive. Point 3:For the recommend mercs, please refer here. If y...