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Co-op Raid

Co-op Raid Patan

☆☆☆ Normal ☆☆☆ This formation normally goes to 94%, but if lucky, it can go all the way to 100%.  The key here is Garinoth do nothing on Wave 1, so that he will be ready on Wave 2's first round, and attack the boss.  If Garinoth couldn't kill the boss, then this formation is designed so that the bo...

Co-op Raid Dolan

☆☆☆ Normal ☆☆☆ There is a good possibility to clear all.  Using 3 tanks, but Grosa, and Granhildr are main tanks, and Seir is more like backup.  Garinoth will hit 4 on Wave 1, and he will do good damage.  In result it will get much easier after that. ★6 Anais+9 ★6 Grosa+9 ★6 Vincent+9 ...