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Evil Castle

Evil Castle 32F

Beating all challenges. There are 2 key points. Attackers have to attack after poison counter is expired. Use Serendia's silence bestowal to prevent poisoning counter from 2nd round. ★5 Esther+9 ★6 Astrid+6 ★6 Rafina+9 ★6 Angelica+1 ★5 Ymir+2 ★6 Serendia+9 (Important! Silenc Best...

Evil Castle 15F

Beating all challenges. This party requires Astrid, and Viola+9. ★6 Serendia+9 ★6 Niya+9 (Mostly attack the boss) ★5 Ebony+4 ★5 Viola+9 (Mostly kill everything but the boss) ★6 Astrid+6 (Important! Take all attacks)

Evil Castle 20F

Beating all challenges. This party requires Gloria. ★5 Viola+9 (Important! Prevent charm from 3) ★6 Niya+9 ★6 Leto+9 ★6 Eunrang+9 ★6 Mora+8 ★6 Gloria+1 (Important! Prevent all secondary attacks)

Evil Castle 25F

Beating all challenges. You can use Granhildr, or Cecilia (guessing) instead of Gloria. Sometimes the boss will critical hit magicians and kill them. So you might have to try again if that happens. The reason why I used Deomaron, and Sloan is because they are more damage oriented defenders who c...

Evil Castle 30F

☆☆☆ Beating all challenges ☆☆☆ ★6 Zakan+9 ★5 Mercedes+10 ★6 Beliath+0 ★6 Angelica+6 ★6 Veronia+9 ★6 Corette+9 ☆☆☆ Old Guide ☆☆☆ No Alec, No Mary, No Veronia, No Ino, because they all hate me. Instead of Rafina, Eunrang also worked. List of supporters ★4 Eunice+9 ★5 ...