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Evil Castle 61 to 65F

There are 2 types of enemies here. One is special like Asmode who will not pass turn to you after attack, and other is normal type. If you kill the special type, it will do HP500% fixed damage to all, thus immediately fails. By killing the normal type, it will only do HP70% fixed damage, so you ca...

Dungeon Gold Vault Stage 5 (5 Turns)

Origninally from YouTube, 二夜's video. You will need Asmode twins, and Barbara+9. My Barbara is too weak to use for this... ★6 Asmode+0 (Kill 5, 3, 4) ★6 Asmode+0 (Kill 7, 9) ★6 Barbara+9 (Kill 10, 8, 6) ★6 Helga+12 (Kill 2 by counter)

World Boss Dagdarone 2020-06-02

Point 1:Dagdarone will not take damage while it's in invincible mode. Only after it takes 18 normal attacks, it will take damage. So you have to use mercs with multi-attacks. With my setup, Aie is the one who blows 18th attack. Point 2:Dagdarone will counter attack when being attacked while it i...

World Boss Arcstar 2020-05-30

Point 1:You will need at least one of Mamonir, Eldora, or Karin for this. Arcstar can neutralize Inc DMG boost, so normally DMG boost does not work. However these mercs have a special skill that can ignore the neutralization, and can output massive damage. Point 2:Use as many mercs as you can to ...

Damage Analysis Seto

I have compared 15 combinations from Assault, Fatal, and Rage. Considering the best combos of low / high critical % or average. Also below calculation is based on AGI=81%. ☆☆☆ 2020-05-29 Post-Update ☆☆☆ Pre/Post-Update Comparison with Mary+10's Buff([Assault 40%] + [Assault 40%]) Crit...

Dungeon Slime Forest Stage 5 (4 Turns)

Helga is there to increase crit hit for Asmode, and not must have unit. ★6 Asmode+10 (Kill 2) ★6 Yuri+14 (Kill 5, 8, 7, 3, 4) ★6 Jin+10 (Kill 1, 6 by counter) ★6 Helga+12