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Guide for Newbies Growing Mercs

☆☆☆ 1. Leveling Up ☆☆☆ Repeating Campaign (Fordder): My recommendation is stage 25-10, or 41-3.  When you do, make sure to fill all 9 mercs.  Mercs who are not for leveling should be at max level.  More max level mercs you have, leveling mercs will get more bonus experience points. Mystic Is...

Guide for Newbies Battle Basic

☆☆☆ Attack First / Later ☆☆☆ The rule is simple.  In Arena, Novice Arena, World Boss, you attack first, the other game modes, you attack later.  Obliviously in Underground Arena it's random. ☆☆☆ Your Turn / Opponent's Turn ☆☆☆ Who's turn is next is little confusing, but if you don't understand ...

Campaign Marathon Universal Formation

This is for advanced players, but with this formation, I was able to go through campaign 20 to 30's boss stages. ★6 Hell+9 ★6 Ceres+10 ★6 John+10 ★6 Jin+1 ★6 Seir+10 ★6 Foxy+10 ★6 Siegmund+10 ★6 Chalkle+10 ★6 Zakan+9

Campaign 5-10

5-10 is a good place to get normal scrolls.  Need 4 horseshoes for hard mode. ★6 Rafina+9 (Kill 2, 3, 8, 9) ★5 Wiggle+9 (Kill 5, 6, 7)

Useful ★5 Mercs at Low Skill Level

The picks are decided by me AKA the ruler of Brave Nine. This list is based on outside of arena, and can be used as low skill level. However mercs that are only good for World Boss Transport are omitted here. For that please see World Boss Recommended Mercs. Merc PvE WorldBoss ...

Recommended ★4 Mercs

The picks are decided by me AKA the god of Brave Nine.  These picks are based on how useful they are when they are max level with max skill level outside of Novice Arena. Merc PvE World Boss Arena NoviceArena GuildWar Corette A C C B C Alche A ...

World Boss Ogdoad 2020-07-01

Point 1: Weakening DEF, and AGI. As well as stacking incoming DMG Boost. Ogdoad has stats weakening immunity, so normal incoming DMG boost or stats reduction skills do not work. So you have to use skills which have incoming DMG boost or stats reduction as secondary effect. For example, Noel's Burn...